Initial Evaluation

The driving force behind a long-term plan.

In this first, critical phase we chart the financial course of our client by requesting comprehensive information from each client and evaluating the information provided. Proper consideration is given to both monetary and non-monetary goals. This essential phase is the driving force behind a long-term, successful financial plan.

  • Net-worth review
  • Goal setting
  • Asset allocation analysis
  • Investment performance evaluation
  • Estate and income tax overview
  • Risk tolerance assessment (See Investment Risks)
  • Insurance needs analysis
  • Overall special needs analysis

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Marc Parkinson
Thomas Wagstaff
Edward Davis
John Kawamoto

Initially, we will work with you to determine your concerns, goals, and risk tolerance- essentially your overall financial profile (Quantitative as well as Qualitative). This fact-finding enables us to design an investment approach that is suitable for your level of risk and financial goals. Together, we will monitor the progress of the strategy employed and make the necessary modifications as circumstances impacting your financial strategy change. And together we will strive to make your financial goals a reality.
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